Shandong Luyue Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Luyue Chemical Co., Ltd. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong LuyueChemical Group, located in Shiheng Chemical Industry Park, covers an area of 78.24 mu, a total investment of 246 million yuan, annual output of 60000 tons of organic solvent thinners production scale, supporting facilities in the factory has the advanced technology of environmental protection facilities - plasma waste incineration plant, two production lines annual processing capacity of 20000 tons, can be foreign disposal of waste, 10000 tons, the existing staff of more than 600 people.

The company mainly produces dichloroethane, solvent thinner, sheet functional polymer dry powder. The annual production capacity of dichloroethane and solvent thinner is 60,000 tons, which is mainly used in pharmaceutical, rubber making, curing agent, cationic resin and paint industries. The annual production capacity of flake functional polymer dry powder is 2000 tons, mainly used as water treatment AIDS, textile and dyeing AIDS, paper chemicals, daily chemical AIDS, oilfield chemicals, etc. Product quality and reputation are highly trusted by customers at home and abroad. The company continuously adjusts the industrial structure to accelerate the pace of development and makes continuous efforts to achieve the great goal of the group.